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“To preserve, protect, and promote the Italian-Sicilian cultural heritage among the descendants, immigrants, citizens and friends of Isola delle Femmine, Sicily and around the world.”

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Dear Member of The Friends of Isola delle Femmine, Inc. organization,

Thank you for your membership dues in 2020, it is much appreciated. You are a Charter Member of Friends of Isola delle Femmine, Inc, your contributions will never increase. Your contributions have helped us keep our doors open and our new organization moving forward. Your dues-contributions are tax deductible.

It’s been a tough year for a non-profit organization to start up, but we did it! We are still here and we have accomplished a lot in 2020. We launched our NEW website,, continued and expanded our Face Book page, Mary Pappas Coniglio created and launched “Cooking with Mary’s Village Style” video’s on Facebook, Instagram and on the YouTube Channel, in an effort to preserve our culture and heritage through highlighting our families Old World recipes from our childhood and to keep us all communicating with one another. We published our first Newsletter (IL Notiziario) and Special Editions, with the expertise of our Editor in Chief Alex Grillo. FOI has increased our membership, established an Isola Relief Fund to help those unfortunate Isolani’s during Covid-19. We are proud to say we have developed and established our FIRST FOI Scholarship Program to award those first-time college bound students as well as those returning to college. We will be accepting applications now with a March 2021 deadline. A Family member MUST BE A MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING, TO APPLY.

All these accomplishments are not without costs. To keep our momentum moving forward, we need your membership dues to help defray the costs of insurance, website maintenance, tax advice & tax filings, bank fees, administrative costs, i.e. postage, envelopes, office supplies. No one on the Executive Board of FOI is paid for any of their work, time, supplies and all food items and supplies for videos are donated.

We appreciate your faith in us as a non-profit organization and our cause to preserve our Italian Sicilian Culture & Heritage. We are asking you to renew your Charter Membership at the same low price of $60 per person for 2021.

We have enclosed an Invoice (memberships after June 2020 have been pro-rated) along with a membership application. We would like you to please fill out the application and return it with your check, made out to Friends of Isola delle Femmine, Inc and mail it to FOI 6114 La Salle Ave. #315, Oakland, Ca. 94611-2802.

If you pay on our website by credit or debit card please still fill out the enclosed application and send it to our Oakland Address but please include $2 extra per person to cover the cost of paying the Pay Pal fees. Every dollar counts!

Your Charter Membership provides you:

• Sustaining dues
• Personalized Membership Card
• VIP treatment at all FOI events along with our sponsors
• VIP seating at Event dinners and shows
• Acknowledgement on website and in our Newsletters
• Discounts on some event tickets and merchandise
• Exclusive College Scholarship funds availability for your immediate family members

Your prompt contribution remittance will keep you current as a member in good standing and you will be paid in full through January 1, 2022.

For your faithfulness and believing in our cause, upon receipt of your renewal check before January 15, 2021, we will send you a $10 Amazon gift card, as token of our appreciation.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and thank you for helping us keep our Italian Sicilian Culture & Heritage alive.


Your Executive Board


Our non-profit organization will promote our American Italian-Sicilian culture through a cultural student exchange program, by advancing higher education to Italian-Americans college bound students via scholarships, developing a professional group study exchange program, and assisting the current California sister cities of Pittsburg, Monterey, and Martinez in cultivating their relationships with Isola delle Femmine, Sicily for the preservation of our cultural heritage.

Governing Board

Vincent S. DiMaggio
1992 Founder & Chairman

Frank B. Bruno
1992 Founder & President

Mary Pappas Coniglio
1992 Vice President & Secretary

Executive Board

Vincent M. Malfitano, D.M.D.

Salvatore N. Coniglio
Liaison to Isola delle Femmine

Albert D. Seeno Jr.
Advisor & Business Consultant

Vincent S. Ferrante
Historian & Liaison Pittsburg,
Martinez & Monterey

Alexander A. Grillo Ph.D.
Historian & Researcher

Cyril Bonanno
Membership Advisor

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That’s Italian! Dinner & Show

Date: October 2, 2021
Where: Columbo Club 5321 Claremont Avenue, Oakland, CA 94618
Cost: $75 per person
Parking: Free parking available at DMV across the street
Information: 5pm – No Host Cocktail

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Growing up in the areas of Pittsburg and Monterey in the mid to late 40’s and hanging around the water fronts and the wharfs where the Sicilian fishermen mending their nets and attending many Sicilian dinners and events I listened to their stories and the talk of the “old country “. This gave me the awareness of our connections to the “old country” and the people. I always knew that something would be done officially one day. Who knew that I would be involved!
- Vincent S Di Maggio

Co-Founder “Friends of Isola delle Femmine Committee”